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Friday, May 30, 2014


The Power Struggle Between Khamenei And His Camp And Rafsanjani And His Camp – Part X.1: In Clash Over The IRGC's Role, Rohani Says Armed Forces Must Not Interfere In Politics, IRGC Commander Ja'fari Says IRGC Stands Fast Against Those Who Aspire To Spark Fitna

GAMBIA’s Muslim president says: “We will fight homosexual vermin just as we fight malaria-causing mosquitoes”

The world ignores Hamas

Pope Francis to visit Uman?

London Muslim hate preacher’s repugnant sermon praising Boko Haram’s abduction of schoolgirls

Deconstructing Another Palestinian Blood Libel

Santa Claus and the Israel Lobby

Foreign Jihadis Fighting in Syria Pose Risk in West

Ajnād Foundation For Media Production presents a new Nashīd from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “The Regiment of My [Islamic] State”

The Clear Banner: “For Our Freedom and Yours?”: The Lack of Central European Foreign Fighters in Syria

Iranian Hackers Use Facebook to Spy on Israel and U.S.

Obama’s Afghanistan pullout may end domination of drones Counterterror officials worry about revival of al Qaeda

WSJ Editorial Board Toes MEK Line on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Online Chats Between Sexes Denounced in Saudi Arabia

Thursday, May 29, 2014

“Muslim gospel” excites “Da Vinci Code” conspiracists

Islamic Fatwa: Husbands Should Abandon Wives to Rapists in Self-Interest

Top Iranian officer beheaded by al Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front fighters in Syria (WARNING: Graphic)

Iraq Elections: No End to Violence

Lebanon’s fractured city of Tripoli starts to rebuild after tentative peace

EXCLUSIVE: SWC Rabbi Takes on Jerusalem Cardinal Over Papal Trip, Says Herzl Grave Visit Was Break From Church Doctrine

al-Batār Media Foundation presents a new article from Abū Khabāb al ‘Irāqī: “Message From ‘Ammār al-Wāwī To the Amīr al-Mū’minīn al-Ẓawāhirī!!”

The Jihad Media Elite presents a new release from Abū ‘Āmir al-Nājī: “Commenting On the Statement ‘Except For Those Who Repent, Correct Themselves, and Make Evident [What They Concealed]‘”

New video message from Wilāyah Dagestān of Imārat al-Qawqāz: “New Words From the Mujāhidīn in Dagestān and Its Amīr Abū Muḥammad”

Jew Hate Rears its Ugly head

This is what a Liar Looks Like when he’s Frustrated

Muslims Want To Shed The Blood Of The Saints, And Slaughter Every Christian They Meet

Christianity Is Not A Religion Of Peace! It Is A Religion Of War And Combat

The West Is Turning Crusader, And Christians Will Soon Take Up Arms To Destroy The Armies Of The Antichrist

Muruna: Violating Sharia to Fool the West

Manba’ al-Jihād Studio presents a new video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “The Men of Truth”

New video message from Wilāyah Dagestān of Imārat al-Qawqāz’s Abū Muḥammad: “About the Appointment of the Deputy Amīr of Imārat al-Qawqāz”

New video message from Junūd al-Fidā’ Media Foundation: “Operations of the Balūshī Mujāhidīn In the Land of Khurāsān”

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Liberation of al-Khazānāt Checkpoint and the Entire City of Khān Shaykhūn In Rural Idlib”

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Attack Upon the Centers of the Nuṣayrī Army In Jabal al ‘Arba’īn With Four Martyrdom Operations In Rural Idlib”

al ‘Uqāb Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Ḥarakat Shām al-Islām: “Ḥamāh: The Chain of Fortified Strongholds”

New statement from the Media Front For the Support of the Islamic State: “Glad Tidings on the Launch”

Pregnant Woman Stoned to Death in Pakistan

BOKO HARAM (‘Western Education is Sin’) terrorists have succeeded in emptying all the schools in the district where they abducted, converted, and enslaved 200+ mostly Christian schoolgirls

Watching Youtube Is a Fundamental Right, Says Turkey's Supreme Court

Nigeria buzzes over possible negotiations with Boko Haram

A landslide for Egypt's Sisi in an 'undemocratic' election

Syria's Assad, an American hero? One Virginia politician thinks so.

The ranks of Syrian widows grow as rebels are killed off

For 2 years, the priest aided Christians through a Syrian siege. He didn’t see the end.

Stop Muslim Immigration Now