Visit regularly to see the Great Muslim Apostasy unfold, as hundreds of millions of Muslims tweet that they've chucked Islam, Allah, the Quran, Muhammad and his Great Jihad and are dancing in the streets with Jews asking their help in rejoining the human race, washed clean of their sins. Too bad, Google is teetering on the brink of bowing to the Muslim World and censoring the vital information that will bring this about.

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The original Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog. The blog that Google killed on Mother's Day (May 11), 2014 out of submission to Islam, while it lasts, since they didn't take it down completely, just locked me out of it, and erased it from the Google search engine, although hopefully it's always available on the Wayback Machine. Not completely erased, they left 44 of 38,200 results (0.54 seconds) :) What losers, like a blog of links is a threat to anything, and all the traffic was making them far more money than me. The losers are YOU, because a few nitwits who choose to hide want to censor what you can read. Maybe it was the Obama admin., we'd all like to know. What they can't stop is me, since I read all the articles before linking to them, and use them in my awesome historyscopes, which I publish on my own private Web site that they can't take down.

No surprise, on May 30, 2014 after I started getting some publicity they flopped and put the original blog back online. Sorry for the inconvenience, er, they should be sorry for the inconvenience, not me :) Until they try it again you should go back to the original blog for new posts.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kerry Gets Testy During Syria ‘Red Line’ Discussion: ‘Don’t Put Words in My Mouth’

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